Elbow protection and compression sleeve

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The hummel® PROTECTION ELBOW LONG SLEEVE is designed to aid optimum performance. During high intensity sports your muscles need oxygen. This sleeve secures maximum compression at the elbow to increase blood flow whilst supporting your full range of joint motion. It features anatomically engineered foam pattern with high impact resistance from any joint angle for maximum protection. Enjoy longer endurance, heightened performance, reduced muscle cramps and faster recovery. Wear compression sleeves when you need speedy recovery, want to decrease the chance of injury and want a healthier body before and after training.


  • Compression protective sleeve
  • Anatomically engineered foam pattern
  • Impact protection at any joint angles
  • High impact protective foam
  • Full range of motion
  • XS=23-25 cm, S=25-28 cm, M=28-30 cm and L=30-33 cm
  • How to measure: Bend your elbow slightly and measure directly over the joint
Egenskap: 80% nylon, 20% elastane

Artikelnr 204686-2001

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